Snack Attack

Someone took "food fight" a little too seriously.

About the Game

Snack Attack is a 1-vs-1 battle arena game. Armed with a chef, refrigerator, and oven, each player must protect their side of the kitchen while simultaneously trying to destroy the opposing player’s chef, refrigerator, and oven. Defeating the opposing chef wins the game instantly for a player; if this win condition is not yet fulfilled when the timer runs out, then the player with more of their chef, refrigerator, and oven standing is the victor. Both players have a set of snacks that can be deployed onto their side of the kitchen. However, each snack has a corresponding calorie cost required to deploy, so players must wait until they have reached the required amount of calories before using the snack. Because all snacks have unique abilities, be sure to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each to know which would be best to play in all possible situations!

Players have the option of playing online against an opponent or several different computer artificial intelligences. One of the available AI players was taught to play the game through the use of a reinforcement learning algorithm (Q-learning). A separate algorithm observes the game as the player plays, and uses a technique called imitation learning to make an AI agent that mimics their play style.