What do you get when you cross video games with statisticians?

“They share a new vision, they craft an idea…”

Since 2015, Ataristicians has worked to improve K-12 education in statistics and computing by developing and showcasing video games with data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) agents. We are a non-profit organization that has a proven track record in AI research and statistical teaching. Our video-game-based teaching platform is built in collaboration of the American Statistical Association and with support from the National Science Foundation.

Our Mission

  • — Use video games as test beds to implement, improve, and invent AI algorithms
  • — Create video games, short films, and cartoon series to educate the general public about AI and statistics
  • — Offer one-on-one mentoring, workshops, and training camps for middle school and high school students to:
    • Build bridges between the current and next generation of statisticians
    • To create a collegial and supportive community for quantitatively gifted students, especially those that may not otherwise have access to such a community

Notable Honors

Current Ataristicians

Richard Watson

Faizaan Azeem