2-Min Stats

Quirky and short animations explaining various statistical concepts

Random Sampling

Learn about simple random sampling and capture-recapture in our first episode!

Hats Off to Love: Reservoir Sampling

Is there such a problem as too many hats? Let’s discuss reservoir sampling with hats!

Wald War II: Selection Bias

Check out statistician Abraham Wald’s role in countering selection bias during WWII.

Buyer's Remorse: Monty Hall Problem

Spend some time with Meegan and Tom to learn what to do when faced with the Monty Hall problem!

Captain Causality 01: Fallacious Causal Reasoning

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Captain Causality in the first episode of a new (recurring) 2-Min Stats installment!

Robot Love: Z-Statistic

Experience the tribulations of love as Maria tries to impress her crush, Blake. Also, z-statistics.

The Conspiracy of Emma's M's: Sampling Variability

Prisha confronts her dad about the frequency of blue candies (bleh!) in her Emma's M's. Is there actually a blue candy conspiracy at Emma's M's, or is it simply a case of sampling variability?